You name it, we will basically cover it.


Challenge us with your difficulties within the mechanical maintenance of your equipment! Lifespan Insights will provide you with end-to-end condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions for all of the mechanical equipment.

You will get insights into any anomaly within the system, the predicted mechanical faults, and the exact remaining useful lifespan of the equipment. In this way you will be protected from for example: safety risks, running inefficiently, unplanned downtime, damages, and delays costing large sums of money.


Pumps & Blowers

Pumps and blowers are known to be weak components within an installation. The process of stopping them for maintenance and then restarting is both time-consuming and arduous. Few failure examples:

  •  Vane
  •  Cavitation
  •  Flow Turbulence
  •  Blade pass
  •  Recirculation



From oil field pumping stations to metal refineries, manufacturing production lines, and building HVAC systems, motors drive the machinery and equipment that make businesses and organizations productive. Few failure examples:

  •  Shorted laminations
  •  Eccentric Rotor
  •  Stator Phasing Issue
  •  Stator Eccentricity
  •  Rotor Problems
  • Pole Passing Frequencies



Unreliable gearboxes can have an amazing ability to ruin any plant. Anomalies are often small, often overlooked, and often critical to the operation of that conveyor belt, agitator, loading gantry, etc. Few failure examples

  •  Gear Mesh
  • Tooth Load
  • Tooth Wear
  •  Gear Eccentricity
  • Gear Misalignment
  •  Cracked/Broken tooth



Up to 30% of the life-cycle cost of plants is due to steam turbine component failures and maintenance. Few failure examples:

  •  Oil whirl/Whip
  •  Steam Whirl/ whip
  •  Internal Rub
  •  Misalignment


Centrifugal Compressor

Profit is linked directly to reciprocating compressor availability, so plants often categorize these compressors as critical machines. Few failure examples:

  •  Oil whirl/Whip
  •  Misalignment
  •  Rotor unbalance/ Scaling
  • Seal Failure